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We are specialists and therefore focused on our single area of expertise: hotel loyalty programs.  By definition, it is our ONLY business.

We recruit, train and build professional telemarketers from the right group to deliver an expert 'single partner solution' for all your telesales requirements.

Our clients profit from our unique practical and responsible integration of telemarketing services, which give us the critical insight to deliver successful, workable solutions.  We design and manage programs that are:

• Attractive to the target market
• Feasible to deliver
• Commercial results

Best Mobile Apps (Enterprise Solutions) Certificate of Merit

Koala iMembership - Prestige Club

“Koala iMembership - Prestige Club” is an all-in-one mobile application available for deluxe hotel to manage membership programs with efficiency. Customers can enjoy and experience this “cardless” technology of a hotel membership program by only carrying smart phone around; deluxe hotels can minimize operational risks to zero and facilitate work efficiency in every single procedure of membership management with zero cost.


Evolving from classic membership and bringing convenience through sophisticated computation, Hotel Groups’ existing operational systems, web-based membership management system and Prestige Club itself have been linked. With the use of QR-code scanning, voucher redemption becomes simpler than ever after. Hotels can also examine market trends and customer preferences, leading to more effective marketing, better customer services and improved operational efficiency with the real-time tracking system.

What People are Saying

“Full mark.  It is very useful and no need to worry about losing the membership card or forgetting to bring voucher.”

Ricky Tong

Hotel Member

“It facilitates the hotel management to create the most effective sales strategy and customer relationship management.”

Daisy Lin

Director of Finance

“Customer can buy membership via online for non-office hour, much easier to close the sales.  When use the App, an average increase 20% sales per month.”

Angel Cheng

Sales Manager

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