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Koala Hotel Programs Limited is a leading sales services agency that specializes in designing and marketing loyalty programs for luxury hotels.

We are professional in hospitality marketing with support of experienced experts who understand the complexities of delivering effective acquisition and loyalty programs, from strategic thinking and program design to flawless execution and operations.​

Our Mission
To build the channel advantage, following with profit, for our hotel partners through the creation and implementation of first class customer acquisition and loyalty programs.  We design and deliver programs with quantifiable returns and demonstrate how hotels can gain extra revenues with no cost, no risk and no work.


Our Service
Whether you require a short run tactical program to support your sales initiatives, or a more comprehensive telemarketing solution, Koala Hotel Programs has the expertise and resources to provide you with a winning solution including:

 • Design and manage hotel loyalty program
 • Ability to recruit, train and build a team of talent
 • Customized outbound tele-services
 • Plan marketing campaigns for outlets
 • Competition management and response analysis
 • Regularly tracking reports of cardholder activity 

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