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KOALA iMembership App is the new generation mobile application available for luxury hotels to manage membership programs with the highest efficiency.  Eliminating all the drawbacks brought by classic membership, this pioneer innovative all-in-one mobile app allows hotels to create brand-new experiences for their customers (both members and non-members), and most importantly, to minimize all operational risks to zero and facilitate work efficiency in every single procedure of membership management with zero cost.

Innovation and Creativity

No matter to customers or to hotels, classic membership involves lots of painstaking procedures; to name just a few, membership card encoding and embossing processing, delivery of plastic membership card and bulky paper-voucher booklets to members, membership collaterals printing and inventory control, members’ data input and maintenance, members’ identity verification, physical voucher check-ups during redemption; and even subjects to uncontrollable risks, including loss or misplace of membership card or vouchers, misuse of discounts, unauthorized transfer of membership card and benefits, etc.

With the presence of KOALA iMembership App, all of the above problems are being solved, as the most remarkable innovation of the App. With this breakthrough, everything is instant, risk-free and efficient. After downloading the App, one can enjoy and experience this “cardless” technology of a hotel membership program by only carrying his/her smart phone around, as iCard and iVouchers are all stored inside the App.


The implementation of iMembership offers better fraud control management that App requires unique login ID and password, thus membership transferability is controllable. Hotel can even suspend any membership account or extend the validity of any iCard and/or iVoucher with ease. Through iMembership:

  • Transaction made instantly and accurately without having extra steps to deal with redemption, such as members’ identity and membership validity verification.

  • Applicability of voucher redemption done through simple scanning of QR code by customers, without taking risks in misapplying vouchers or card discount, thus increasing customers’ satisfaction.




KOALA iMembership App is especially developed to facilitate the work efficiency of luxury hotels. The App has linked three systems up: existing operational systems from hotels like POS system, membership’s web-based management system, and KOALA iMembership App. In iMembership, everything does with these three electronic platforms, in particular redemption. Apart from the connection of the above three systems, QR-code scanning also plays an important role in iMembership. See below the flow of “redemption”:

Thus, hotel associate only needs to present the check with a QR code being printed on it for customer to scan; then redemption is automatically processed and the redemption record will be shown on the App, while customer remains relaxing and enjoying the service with his/her accompanied guests – no need to undergo embarrassing procedures of presenting vouchers, checking expiry date and verifying members’ identity – completely conforming to a deluxe hotel’s core value of providing highest level of quality services to all its guests.

KOALA iMembership App evolves from classic membership and brings convenience through sophisticated computation on the mobile platform. Other functions of the App include: send iVouchers to friends in real time, make reservations for hotel’s facilities, receive hotels’ promotional offers and news updates and make payment on membership fee or purchase of selected premium gift item.

Market Potential / Performance

Established with the built-in Member Usage Tracking System inside the web-based management server, hotel can now closely monitor and keep track of customers’ redemption and spending activities, identify and reward top spenders, as all information is centralized and stored in the server. Real-time data collection will be useful in analyzing the market trend and future promotional development. For further customers marketing, the App can also:

  • release instant promotional offers to users so as to facilitate more impulse purchase

  • encourage members to send gifts to friends, family members or business associates who are non-members

  • send alert notifications to users and members timely if iVouchers are not redeemed and/or about to expire

  • allow members to refer new members, and encourage hotel associates to showcase the App to non-members, inviting inquires and leading to potential new members.



Benefits and Impact

With KOALA iMembership App, hotel membership program becomes “smarter” and more interactive. It simplifies the procedures involved in membership management:



Managing membership program becomes risk-free, precise to all hotel employees. Discounts, membership’s privileges, billing are calculated automatically and accurately by computations, which avoid hassles to hotel staff and customers. With the real-time functions of tracking users’ spending patterns, reports are easily generated to examine market trends and customer preferences, leading to more effective marketing, better customer services and improved operational efficiency.

App users

Buying membership can be instantly done on the phone. The high accessibility of hotels’ latest news updates such as room rates and promotion helps customers to spend less time in searching for desired information. In addition, the App is not exclusively for members, even one does not buy the membership; he/she can still receive iVouchers from friends and enjoy the benefits through the App.


The Earth

“Go green” is also another core value of iMembership; therefore; KOALA iMembership App takes the initiatives to support environmental protection by not printing paper-vouchers and producing non-biodegradable plastic membership cards.



Security and privacy is of top concern to KOALA iMembership App. It is developed in complete compliance with the PCI Security Council standards and recognized by various international hotel groups, including but not limited to:

  • maintain a firewall configuration to protect cardholder data; use and regularly update anti-virus software

  • restrict access to cardholder data by business need-to-know

  • regularly test security systems and processes

  • maintain an Information Security Policy that addresses information security for employees and contractors.


We understand that buying membership which is in great monetary value requires a high level of trust from customers; therefore, all cardholder data where it is captured and as it flows into the payment system has been completely secured. In auditing aspect, the App is also developed with an encryption solution that a PIN number is randomly generated by the server at the time of scanning QR code so that no data will be easily got access to and readable by an unauthorized party, e.g. stolen by staff or any hackers.

There is no extra cost incurred, no extra work for employees, and no risk in management process – even better work efficiency and market performance with this iMembership. Our new iMembership reinvents the regular and conservative membership practices by integrating them with mobile application. KOALA iMembership App is specially made for luxury hotels in better managing its loyalty membership program – Ingenious, Flexible, Precise, Safe and Easy to use.

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